A Dog’s Guide to the Perfect Father’s Day Gift List!

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Hey there, fellow furry friends! We all know how special our human dads are to us, so let’s create a pawsome Father’s Day gift list to show them how much we appreciate their unconditional love and companionship.

Here are some tail-wagging ideas straight from the perspective of a dog:

1. Personalized Pet Portrait

Help Dad capture his heartwarming bond with you by gifting him a custom pet portrait. Whether it’s a realistic painting, a digital illustration, or a beautifully framed photograph, seeing his beloved pup’s face on the wall will bring a smile to his face every day.


2. Engraved Dog Tag Keychain

Show dad that he’s always on your mind with a customized dog tag keychain. You can have it engraved with your name, photo, a heartfelt message, or even a cute nickname you have for him. It’s a practical and sentimental gift that he can carry wherever he goes.



3. Interactive Dog Toy

Keep Dad entertained and encourage playtime by gifting him an interactive dog toy. Look for puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, or ones that make funny sounds. This will not only provide him with amusement but also strengthen the bond between you two as you play together.

This Chuckit Ball is one of my favorites! It is made of rubber and foam so I couldn’t pop it on the first bite. Even when I did get a little bite out of it, Mom put a treat in the hole to make playtime even more fun. And if you like to play at night, there is a glow version available!


Dog games named after me?! It must be a good idea! I don’t have this exact puzzle, but I have a Trixie activity, level 3 and I aced it! The Pet Zone IQ ball is great for physical and mental exercise. I now chase that ball all over the house with my nose. The Vital Essentials Duck Bits fit perfectly inside and easy to refill.



4. Doggy Spa Day

If you don’t live near one of the pet and people spas located in Pittsburg, Phoenix, New York, Maine, or Colorado, then maybe Dad can treat his favorite pal to a day of pampering by arranging a doggy spa experience. Find a local pet salon that offers grooming services like a relaxing bath, fur trimming, and nail clipping. It’s a great way to help your pal feel fresh and rejuvenated, and he’ll appreciate the extra effort to keep him looking and feeling his best. If you prefer to pamper your pet yourself, which encourages bonding, then here are a few items I suggest.

Start with a refreshing bath with the indoor or outdoor pet wand shower sprayer attachment. It’s easy to use, quiet, and can clean even thick coats thoroughly. 

After their bath, you’ll need to dry all that fur. This dryer has adjustments for airflow and temperature and is quieter than a human hair dryer The long hose makes the process easier for humans and animals alike and can cut drying time in half. You can even purchase a hands-free attachment to make grooming even easier. My fur dries pretty quickly so I don’t usually get a blow dry.


Did you know there is a difference between hair and fur?

If you take your dog to a groomer to get his hair cut, like a human, then your dog has hair. But if your pet doesn’t need regular grooming and his hair doesn’t grow long, then he has fur. I’m a fur dog. My hair is short and doesn’t need to be cut, but I still need a lot of brushing to get all that fur out that I seem to constantly shed. 


Did you know there are different bruishes for differnt types of pet hair/fur?

Now that your pet is clean, you need to brush their hair and remove any loose fur. Mom didn’t know there were different types of brushes in the beginning and she used a slicker brush. It was a brush with metal bristles. I didn’t really like it. Mom later learned it was for dogs with long hair! I wrote a review about some of the first grooming tools we used and the pros and cons. You can read it here – The Best Dog Grooming Tool – A Review | Trixie Tells All.


My all-time favorite brush is from King Kanine. It has rubber bristles on one side that massage and help stimulate the oils that make my fur sooo soft and the other side has three blades to remove loose fur. The blades don’t hurt at all and mom is always surprised by the amount of loose fur it removes. It is so relaxing, that I usually lay down and tell her to take her time. One feature mom really likes is the retractable blade for easy cleaning. This brush can be used on hair or fur and for cats and horses too. There is even a small one for the little fellas!

Of course, there are many items to make your pup’s spa day special. Shampoos, towels, hoodies, grooming tables, clippers, dremels, wipes, deodorizers, vacuums, and so on. You can even buy pet cologne, but what human or dog wants to smell like pumpkin spice or a watermelon? Not me!!


5. Homemade Dog Treats

Nothing says love more than a homemade treat! Have Dad bake some delicious goodies for the two of you. It’s another way you can bond. Not sure what to make? Here are 27 People Foods You Can Share with Your Dog and the recipes. Just make sure if you substitute any of the ingredients that they do not contain xylitol which can be deadly to dogs. Especially check anything sweet or sugar-free like peanut butter, yogurt, and applesauce. And don’t forget to feed human foods in moderation. Though your dog may love to gobble down a pound of bacon, you won’t love the vet bill.

If you aren’t the cooking type, here are some suggested treats. Mom likes single-ingredient treats with no additives and these are some we like. The Dentastix is a treat to me, but a toothbrush to mom and counted as a necessary evil. In fact, after I have dinner, she asks if I am ready to brush my teeth and I am! The vet says my teeth are pretty clean and I haven’t needed a cleaning yet in my 8.5 years.

The duck nibs are just the right size for a small treat and fit into the Pet Zone IQ Dog Treat Ball.


And whether you make peanut butter biscuits, liver treats, or pupcakes, Dad will be thrilled to know you went the extra mile to create something tasty just for him.

Want even easier recipes? Mom prefers quick and simple treats like frozen watermelon with blueberries or chicken jerky. You can find these recipes right here on my site


6. Matching Dog and Dad Accessories

Show off your adorable bond by getting matching accessories for both of you. Consider matching bandanas, hats, or even cozy sweaters. You’ll turn heads on your walks together while showcasing your special connection. Here are a few examples, but you can create your own t-shirt design or let everyone in on the fun and order matching pajamas for everyone in the family !And don’t worry if your dog doesn’t like to wear clothing, I don’t. There are still options for your dog to show he loves you.  How about his photo on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie?




7. Doggy Day Out

Plan a fun-filled day with your dad doing all the things you both love. Take him on a hike in the park, enjoy a beach day, or explore a new dog-friendly trail. Spending quality time together will create unforgettable memories that will strengthen your bond. Need some other suggestions? Here are 13 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Nervous about traveling with your pet? Don’t be! I had my first trip from Alabama to Virginia. I had a dog safety harness crash tested for my weight to keep me safe from Ruffwear. (
They will have a new design available this summer so here is one from Kurgo). And don’t forget to have a comfortable harness for hiking and walks. Please don’t walk your dog with a leash tied to a collar on his neck. That can cause neck and throat damage if he suddenly decides to chase a squirrel. And never, EVER, attach a seat belt harness to your dog’s neck collar. In a car accident, he will break his neck. A proper harness or crate is the best way for a dog to travel in a car.



And now that your dog will be safe, where will you stay overnight? We used Pets Welcome. This a pet-friendly road trip planner. It will show hotels along your route that match your criteria (pet fees or not, size of pet, etc.), places of interest, and directions. Mom found it very useful and no longer had to worry about finding a place to stay that would accept me. I am a big girl, just 85 lbs, and very sweet, but not everyone likes me even though I like everyone!

Remember, it’s the thought and effort that count, so any gift you choose will make your dad feel loved and appreciated. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing doggy dads out there! Woof woof! 🐾❤️🎁

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