10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

dogs keep calm during fireworks


how to keep a dog clam during fireworks

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Many people are excited and looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July holiday. Dogs and young children are not among them. Fireworks are bright, loud and scary for pets. Have you ever been to a gathering where everyone is having a good time laughing and playing? What happened after someone lit a firework that had a shrill scream or loud, sonic boom? I bet that all the youngsters were crying and the dogs were running around without paying attention to where they were going. I want to help you have a wonderful celebration without your dog being afraid or having to post lost dog posters the next day. So here are 10 ways to keep your dog calm during fireworks. (I’m a dog, so I can’t tell you how to keep the youngsters from crying during fireworks, but if I’m not scared and can stay with your little one, they’ll be much happier.)


keep dogs calm on the 4th of July


First Things First

First, make sure your information is up to date on his collar or microchip, just in case he does get away. That way, he can be easily returned to you. Here is an article on 5 things you should buy that will help you get your dog back if he gets lost.

Second, spend time with your dog doing fun activities earlier in the day. Go swimming, play fetch or chase a frisbee. How about making some frozen watermelon and yogurt treats for your dog to enjoy during the fireworks in his favorite Kong? You can sue sparklers at sunset. Most dogs aren’t afraid of them and young children can enjoy them as well.

Third, watch for signs of stress. Dogs show signs of stress in many ways. They may tuck their tail between their legs, pant, drool, whimper or shake. If your dig hides or paces, let him. Maybe he prefers to cuddle instead, let him enjoy that. He could even become destructive if you aren’t around. Don’t blame your dog and don’t shout at him. Try to keep him safe.


Make Your Dog Feel Safe

Calm your dog during fireworks

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1. Close the curtains to cut down on the bright lights.

2. Turn on music, but not louder than you usually play it.

3. Play a game to distract your dog.

4. Fill a Kong with his favorite frozen treat that you made earlier.

5. Put your dog in a crate, if they are used to one, but cover it so it is darker and makes them feel safer.



6. A thundershirt is a special wrap that surrounds your dog and makes him feel snuggly and safe by applying slight pressure. Your dog may need some time to get used to one, so try it before the holiday arrives. This may be the easiest and safest method, You  can make one with these instructions using an ace bandage or undershirt or you can buy one online or at pet stores.


Chill out Treats

7. Chill out treats have natural ingredients such as vanilla, lavender extract and lemon balm with fruits and veges to keep your dog calm and relaxed. They are available at your favorite pet store and online.



8. CBD oil is also known as cannabidiol oil and is made from hemp. It will not make your dog high. It can treat anxiety, pain, inflammation and allergies and many more health issues as discussed in 10 Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Oil For Dogs . It is usually given 30-60 minutes before a stressful event. You can buy CBD oil at your pet store or online. Since many companies are now making CBD products, be aware of inferior ingredients.


Prescription Drugs

9. Your vet can prescribe drugs that will help your dog with anxiety, but it may take time and experimentation to achieve success. Some of these drugs work by depressing the brain’s activity or by elevating mood. If you have difficulties giving your dog a pill every day, this may not be the best choice. Some medications may need to be given for a period of time to work, so you may not want to medicate your dog for days when he only needs help one night. Use these as a last resort or in cases of severe anxiety.


Sound therapy

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10. Sound therapy uses training to desensitize your dog to loud noises. A vet can assist you with finding a behaviorist, but training will take several months. If you don’t have time for therapy this holiday, you can try this for the New Year celebration.  It is best to safely and gradually expose a dog as a puppy to loud noises so that he will not be afraid later on.  Dogs Trust has created a sound therapy program that they are providing for free. (logo?) right


So here are 10 ways, from quick and easy do it yourself ideas to medication and training that will take time to implement, but will help you keep your dog calm during fireworks.  Start with the easy ones, (provided in order of difficulty) and work up to medication if your dog still has anxiety.  If you live in a small town like I do, (we don’t have a fireworks display), you can enjoy a fun and quiet evening with your family and pet without the stress, but don’t forget the frozen treats!


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Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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