2018 List of Bad Dog Treats

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Dog Treats Are Bad?

The other day I was writing a review on some oven baked dog treats I had sampled. They were really good and healthy for me too! As Shelley was doing some research, she came across an article, Top 10 Worst Dog Treat Brands for 2018. If you notice the URL when you get to the article, it actually says it is a list for 2017. Looks like the same treats are still on the list of bad dog treats for this year also. I guess the manufacturers don’t care about us dogs.

The next day, Shelley read a post from one of her favorite vendors King Kanine. (If you haven’t tried their KingKomb yet, you are really missing out and so is your fur friend.) King Kanine had reposted a photo a customer had sent in of products on display in her vet’s office. The display showcased what looks like 8 brands of dog treats and was labeled “bad for your dog”.


Display of bad treats for your dog
Credit – Lauren Adair

Quite a few of these treats were on the Top 10 List we read about yesterday. Probably just like you, I didn’t always eat healthy treats. In fact, 5 of the 10 treats listed in the article have touched these lips! Yes, they were yummy, but I can eat treats that taste good and are good for me. Now, there are many commenters in the post stating that their fur friends have been eating these “bad” dog treats for years and have not had any problems. Many people mentioned that they were given in moderation and that may be the key. We all know that anything you over eat or drink, even if healthy, can be unhealthy. But maybe it takes a long time for the symptoms to appear. By that time it may be costly to repair the damage or even too late to correct.


Which Side Are You On?

There are always going to be two sides to every story. On one side, mostly the manufacturers and stores selling the products, they are going to say the treats are healthy. And on the other side, is the pet owner with a sick pet trying to figure out what with wrong. Since the pet has eaten these treats for years with no apparent issues, was it really the treat or rather an ingredient in the treat that caused the condition or something else? After such a long time, it may be hard to determine.


Just Treat Healthy

dog shaped treat jar

To be on the safe side, I am receiving healthy and tasty treats bought from a variety of manufacturers that are American Made.  Do your research on the ingredients in your fur friends treats and make an informed decision. If you decide to feed any of these treats to your pet, please do it in moderation.  Remember that treats are not a complete diet and should only make up 10% of the total calorie intake.


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