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Should Dog Treats be Healthy?

dog with sad looking faceAll us dogs love dog treats. They are tasty, and we probably get several a day, so should they be good for me too? Or is it like fast food for humans? Yummy to eat, but not necessarily good for you. Dog Treats. Just like “dog food” that doesn’t tell you much about the product or how healthy it is. Where are the treats made, do they contain preservatives, by products, fillers, dyes, salt, sugar, or high levels of carbohydrates? Some of these items can cause allergies, diabetes, weight gain or serious health issues. You don’t want any of those. If your pet parent is paying more to provide you healthy food, why skimp when it comes to dog treats? Most of us are familiar with the hazards of buying dog food and dog treats from sources outside of the United States. There are even American made dog treats from big, brand names that aren’t healthy. Why would they do this? Don’t they love us?

Fast Food Dog Treats

dog looking out window
Hip rolls

We all want to look slim and trim, even us dogs, but lately, my pet parents have been commenting that I am putting on a bit of weight.  Shelley has cut my kibble down to 2 cups a day and I am still gaining weight. She thinks David is feeding me too many treats. It seems every time she turns around he is giving me a treat. He does give me a portion of a treat every time I come back from our walks or when he wants me to do something. Shelley rarely gives me treats, but she does praise me a lot and gives me lots of belly rubs. Those are good too and don’t cost any money.

I didn’t always get healthy treats. I had Pup-Peroni®, Ol’Roy®, Canine Carry Outs ®, Purina® Beggin’ Strips and Pedigree® Marrowbone dog treats. These 5 treats are half of the ones listed in The Top 10 Worst Dog Treat Brands for 2018. Just like my dog food, my pet parents had to learn what was healthy and what wasn’t. You know meat is good and vitamins and fruits and vegetables. But then, you discover that not all meat is created the same. Meat by products or rendered meat isn’t so good for you. What about onions and garlic? One article will state that x ingredient is healthy for you and then another article states it isn’t healthy. What gives?

Dog treats should be good for your dog and should contain fruits and vegetables and/or real meat. Healthy foods can be a treat. They don’t have to be junk food. Just like human food, quality dog food made from quality ingredients is going to cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run. Remember, you want and happy and healthy dog.
So now you wonder what is a good dog treat? Well, let me tell you about one of the best organic dog treats that I recently discovered.


A Healthy Alternative

Dog Mamma's Dog Treats LogoShelley discovered Dog Mamma’s Oven Baked Dog Treats from a comment someone had posted in Facebook recommending Dog Mamma’s. She hadn’t heard of the company before, so she looked them up. Dog Mamma’s is a dream come true for Kathryn Durno, president and founder. She started the company a few years back in Stuart, FL, wanting her own organic dog treat business. Her dog treats are certified 100% organic and she offers three flavors, Pumpkin Snaps, Butternut Kale Bites and Berry Banana Coco Chunk. You won’t find any GMOs, additives or artificial ingredients. Pet Business featured Dog Mamma’s Non-GMO Project verification that certifies that the ingredients do not contain genetically modified organisms.

Want to hear more great news? You can order a sample of all three flavors for FREE! Each sample is 1 oz and plenty to taste test. Even the shipping is free. You don’t find that in many places. How many times have you been intrigued by an offer for something free and then find out they want some outrageous amount for shipping? Uh huh, frustrating isn’t it? And did you order the item? No, you didn’t. I was so impressed about the totally free offer that I wrote Kathryn and told her so. She wrote me back the next morning thanking me and told me my order would be shipped out that day.


And the Winner Is…

A few days later, I received my treats in the mail. They were in a cute little box to prevent crushing and each flavor was individually wrapped. Did I tell you how much I loooove treats?! Shelley decided to conduct a taste test. She doesn’t like kale or coconut, so she was glad she wasn’t eating any of these. She didn’t want to put any bias on me, so she opened each package and put one treat each on the floor for me. Guess which one I chose first?


Dog Mamma's Kale Dog TreatsThe Butternut Kale Bites! They are made with all organic butternut squash and kale, brown rice flour, coconut flour, honey, flax seed, chia seed, raw coconut oil, nutmeg and cinnamon.




image of berry banana dog treats

In second place, Berry Banana Coco Chunk, made with organic blueberries, bananas and coconut chunks, brown rice flour, coconut flour, honey, flax seed, chia seed, raw coconut oil, and cinnamon.




Dog mamma's pumpkin dog treatsAnd last, but not least, Pumpkin Snaps made with organic pumpkin, carrots and ginger, organic brown rice flour, coconut flour, honey, flax seed, chia seed, raw coconut oil, and cinnamon.




Certainly not the order she thought I would select, but I hadn’t had kale or honey or cinnamon, but I thought these were great. I don’t really care for berries and you know what happens when dogs eat pumpkin right?  Why would I want that as a treat?  I know they are good for me, but gosh, don’t I poop enough?  (Twice a day if you really wanted to know.) Besides tasting good, these oven baked treats will keep my teeth clean, promote a healthy coat and skin, aid in digestion and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The prices are below the average of the top, healthiest dog treats. If you happen to own a store, wholesale is available.  Well, I just placed my order for more butternut kale bites.  Better get your order in before I eat them all!

So, why not try Dog Mamma’s? They are healthy and nutritious and a reasonable price. I give it a 5 paws rating!  If you still aren’t sure which to choose, just order the sampler and try all three!

5 paw rating         5 hand rating



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