An App is the Best Way to Find a Lost Dog

dog and magnifying glass

dog and magnifying glass

Is Your Dog Missing?

Read the article on 8 Tips on What to Do If Your Dog Is Missing.  If you don’t have time to try the hands on methods mentioned in the article and prefer to reach out to many people at once, then the best way to find a lost dog is to use an app.  You can reach many more people with just the click of a button.



Below is a list of apps and/or websites you can use to post information about your lost or found pet.  I will be reporting more in depth about these databases at a later time.





Finding Rover

Cartoon of dogs missing owners


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Have you used an app to report your pet missing or that you found a pet?  Share below what app you used and how well it worked.  We’d love to know your experience!


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