Quick and Easy Watermelon Pupsicle Recipe

This quick and easy watermelon pupsicle recipe is one of my favorites on a hot day and really easy to make!

If you have ever eaten a watermelon, you know how delicious and juicy it is.  But, did you know that it is full of things that are good for you too? Yes!  Watermelon is full of vitamins, antioxidants and is fat free, low in sodium and low in calories. Watermelon allows your body to function at its best.  Did you know that more than just the red part is good for you?  The rind contains more of the amino acid citrulline than the red flesh. Citrulline improves cardiovascular health and blood circulation. You can even sprout the seeds for protein, magnesium and Vitamin B. Watermelon has more healthy properties that you can read about in this article by Live Science.


plate of watermelon slices and blueberries


Blueberries (optional)


– Take any amount of watermelon (no seeds please) and put in blender.
– Blend till liquid.
– Take two blueberries, fresh or frozen and place in the bottom of an ice cube tray.
– Pour watermelon liquid into trays and freeze.
– After they are frozen, take them out and place in a freezer bag for later use.

No need to thaw unless you have a little dog. I like just one to eat in a bowl.

Blueberries are full of antioxidants!

Frozen watermelon popsicles


If you use a whole watermelon, it will make ALOT of pupsicles and probably get you through the winter if watermelons aren’t available in your area.

After freezing, place 7 or so pupsicle cubes (about a week’s worth) in a resealable freezer bag. Place the rest in a vacuum storage bag to keep fresher, longer. Each week, take out what you need and reseal the vacuum bag.

Feel free to use popsicle forms instead of ice cube trays.


Your fur friend will love you for making these delicious and cool pupsicle treats. To view more of my favorite recipes that your fur friend will love you for making:

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