The Best Dog Grooming Tool – A Review

We dogs know how important it is to be groomed. We can’t do it ourselves, so we need you, our human friends, to help us. Brushing removes the excess, loose fur, that we (dogs) all have. And it also brings out our natural oils and removes fleas, ticks, thorns, dirt and anything else we may have run into. My fur is kinda short, but I still need to have it brushed. Brushing and the right kind of food makes my fur so soft that Shelley can’t stop petting me, and I like that. With the right type of grooming brush, your dog will have a pleasant experience. This will lead to more quality time with your dog, build trust and of course make us dogs look better. Let me tell you about all the grooming brushes Shelley has tried on me. And, I will let you know which one I think is the best dog grooming tool.

Self-Cleaning Slicker for Large Dog

Best Dog Grooming ToolAmazon sells the Self-Cleaning Slicker for Large Dog Brush from the JW Pet Company.

The first one had these metal prongs in them. They’re supposed to be good and not hurt, but I didn’t really like it at all. Maybe if I had a real thick coat it would fell better, but not so much with a short coat. Shelley later learned that a slicker brush is best used on fur that is long and thick. That’s not me!

It has a rubber handle designed by groomers and a hand surgeon. She said it is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

This brush has specially designed “ribs” to prevent pins from becoming bent when retracting for cleaning. If you saw my brush, you would see the pins are bent, but it doesn’t prevent them from retracting to be cleaned. I guess my short hair is really strong since I bent the pins. Ha ha! You just push the button on the back of the handle and a plastic piece raises to lift the hair off. It has good reviews on Amazon, but it just isn’t my favorite.

    Pros: Comfortable to hold, easy to clean

    Cons: Rough on dog skin, pins bend

True Touch 5 Finger Deshedding Glove

Glove used to groom dogsThen she purchased this brush that’s on a glove from Walmart. It is called the True Touch Deshedding Glove for Gentle and Efficient Pet Grooming. I don’t think Shelley liked it because there was only one glove for the right hand. Shelley is left handed, but sometimes she likes to brush me with both hands, so she didn’t really care for it.  (Apparently there is an option available with two gloves, one for each hand. She added the links for Amazon in case you preferred using both hands to groom your fur friend).

The palm side has silicone tips and felt much better than the brush with the pins.  Rubber bristles are good for dogs with sort to medium hair.That’s what I have.  The back side is a mesh. All of the gloves have velcro at the wrist to secure it.  It is comfortable, though, if you have a large hand, it may not fit and I think it only comes in one size.  I wasn’t shedding much, so the few hairs that did get in it were hard to get out and the stick to the side with the mesh. Maybe if your fur friend has a lot of thick hair and sheds a lot, it may work better for you.



Pros: Easy to use, easy on dog skin, picks up fur better if the fur is thick

Cons: Can only use on right hand, hard to clean

King Komb

KingKomb Dog BrushThen she found a new product. It’s from King Kanine and called The King Komb! This is the best dog grooming tool she’s ever used on me. It feels really good and when she shows it to me, I get excited because I know how good it feels!

It has several metal blades on one side to pull out loose hair, but it doesn’t hurt at all. She even tried it on her arm and said it didn’t hurt. I know she wouldn’t use anything that would hurt me. The other side has a few rows of stiff, rubber tips. They really get into my skin and massage me. And it feels great!

The comb is round, so it is easy to hold and you can use it in any direction. Just don’t use the metal blades over joints or areas with no fat. I like this brush so much that I’ll sit right in front of Shelley for as long as she’ll brush me. Sometimes I even lay down, it is so relaxing. I just want to fall asleep. Shelley doesn’t like how the blades poke her hand when she’s using the rubber tips side, but King Kanine came out with a new KingKomb and it has retractable metal blades. Even though it’s easy to clean already, with the retractable blade it is even easier!  They also have a mini version in case you have a small dog.

She doesn’t have this one yet, but when she does, she can retract the blades so they’re out of the way and not poking her when she brushes me with the rubber tip side. You can get one too at King Kanine. I know your fur friend will enjoy it as much as I do. Estimated price $29.99, Mini $24.99

Pros: Easy to use, easy to clean, fits in hand

Cons: I haven’t read about any


I like to hear from my readers, so please leave me a comment below to let me know what grooming tools you use to groom your fur friend.  If this post helped you or if you have any questions, let me know that also.