You Know You Messed Up When…

The Rain

person in rain with umbrellaThe universe is against me. I was going to take Trixie for a walk yesterday early afternoon at Dream Park. She isn’t a morning gal, just like me, so I had to wait for her to get up from her morning nap. About the time I decided she was awake and ready to go, it poured down. No walk. Today, we had our morning rain. It was bright and sunny afterwards, so I decided to treat Trixie to a visit at the park. After we go there, it was getting a little dark, but I thought the rain had passed. I was wrong. After we had walked to the other end of the park, it decided to rain. No, change that, it decided to pour! and neither of us had our raincoats. Oh well, what’s a little water? We made it to one of the gazebos and waited it out, since I could see the sun coming back. When it finished raining, I decided we would go ahead and walk again and get a chance to dry out. We were just getting dry and weren’t too far from the car, when it poured again. I give up.

The Woods

universe is against me

After Trixie’s afternoon nap, I decided to take her for a walk on the trails in our woods. My arms were too tired to hold her on her leash, since she had bolted after a squirrel (on her leash) at the park and now my neck, shoulders and arms were pretty sore. She went into a section of the woods that she likes and I was going up to her to leash her. I didn’t feel like chasing her either. I had her GPS tracker on. She made a couple of turns and in the shadows, I lost her. After 15 minutes of crawling through the woods, I decided to go back to the trails because she kinda has a routine of where she likes to go. I figured it would be easier to find her. As I was checking her favorite spots and the path she follows, I hear my husband ringing the cow bell, that we used to use to have Trixie come back to the house, but now she goes out supervised since she had been previously injured. Anyway, you know you messed up when your husband is ringing the bell and you find out the dog has been back at the house for 5 minutes already. At least she went home and I got a private walk in the woods.

My husband said he asked Trixie where I was and she looked in the backyard for me with a look that said, “She isn’t here?”

Has your dog ever done something funny?  Share it with us.