The Pros and Cons of Dog Parks

dogs in the dog park

From Shelley

Whole Dog JournalI just read an interesting article on the Pros and Cons of Dog Parks in the Whole Dog Journal. There is a new dog park open in Andalusia, the Estep Community Dog Park, and Trixie and I visit weekly. It is still relatively new and the same dogs are there at the time we visit, so everyone has pretty much learned to get along. There are some rules that you need to follow for your safety and the safety of your fur friend. If you haven’t visited a dog park yet, make sure you are familiar with the rules of your particular park before you go. This article will provide a general rule of thumb for things to watch out for. Read over the comments in the Whole Dog Journal article also. There are many people that don’t like dog parks and feel they are dangerous. After I read them, I almost didn’t want to take my dog to the park anymore, but we have not had the issues that they are having. Probably because everyone is following the rules.


There is a list of rules to be followed at our dog park.  Everywhere you go and everything you do has rules.  Rules are for everyone’s safety.  Follow them and make life simpler.  Your owner needs to have your vaccinations verified and fill out a registration form with the Humane Society that is next door.  Once your paperwork is approved, you get the code for the gate and you can play. The general public can’t just walk in and start to play with me or give me treats that may be bad for me.  Little kids aren’t allowed either.  I weigh 76 pounds and when I get to chasing or running after a ball, I could really hurt a little one if I ran into them.  Ask Shelley.  I’ve accidentally run into her a few times. No phones except for a few cute photos.  No talking on the phone; pay attention to your dog and the dogs around you. No food or drinks for dogs or humans.  Dogs have allergies just like humans do.  You don’t want to cause an allergic reaction.  Two people at our dog park forgot about treats they had in their pockets when they arrived.  The dogs found the secret stash pretty quickly.  No one has a good time or plays when all the dogs are chasing down the human with treats in their pockets.  Well, the dogs probably have a good time!

It is hard to see in the photos, but the Enterprise Dog Park isn’t very large and there are no locks on the gates.

image of dog park for small dogs

Enterprise Dog Park – Small Dogs

image of dog park for large dogs

Enterprise Dog Park – Large Dogs








From Trixie

There is a new dog park across the street from the Andalusia Area Humane Society on Pearl Street. Shelley takes me there almost weekly. I love it! I get to play with the “society” dogs and others that visit. We have a chance to learn how to get along with each other. It isn’t all natural. Yes, we have an order to our packs, but sometimes we just don’t know where we fit and we have to find out. Or maybe our social skills aren’t as polished as they should be. I don’t have a playmate at home, except for my human friends. They play with me a lot, but they can’t run as fast as I can, and I love to chase. When I am at the dog park, there is usually a friend or two that I can chase. And sometimes they chase me!


dogs in the dog park on a ramp

That’s me telling everyone how to go up and over the ramp. It isn’t all fun and games, we exercise too!



Estep Community Dog Park

image of Estep Community Dog Park

Estep Community Dog Park in Andalusia, AL

Our dog park doesn’t have creeks and woods like some others, but then again, I don’t like mosquitoes and snakes that would be in them. I can get those at home. (I’ve already been bitten by a rattlesnake!) I am happy just for a place to run and play that is safe and where I can visit my friends. By the way, some of my friends are available for adoption. Stop in and ask about Tipper, Molly Brown, Cheese, Ben, Bruce Wayne, Tater and Maggie. There is also a cute, little puppy and two kittens. It is always changing, so stop by often.

Here’s the link to the article published in the January 2018 issue by the Whole Dog Journal. There are many other articles you can read without a subscription and you can sign up to receive a tip of the week. Of course, you can also sign up for a subscription and read all of the archives. The magazines are not filled with ads, so there are no distractions, just lots of good information.

Comment below, if you have visited a dog park and let me know where (I might want to visit). What was your experience? Or, if your dog park doesn’t have rules, contact me and I will share our list with you to get you started in creating a safe place for your fur friend to play. 


UPDATE 2/2018: Since this was published, my friends Tipper and Cheese found their new furever home.